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To inspire a critical mass of people to believe that as of September 21, 2056 war will cease forever.
We see this shared belief creating the opportunities and circumstances through which human beings resolve their differences peacefully.

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“Sometime they’ll give a war and nobody will come”
– Carl Sandburg

Throughout history, war has always been the most extreme, but nonetheless justifiable, path to resolving complex issues between nations.

People have accepted war as a “necessary evil.” Human beings believe that wars must be fought and it is that very belief that perpetuates mass killing worldwide. Although we pray for, march for, and visualize world peace, human beings still believe that war is an acceptable course of action and so, war endures.

Together, let’s create world peace—seriously.

Anyone truly committed to accomplishing something important knows that two things are required:

  1. A clear intention to realize the goal
  2. A date by which that goal will be met

September 21, 2056 will be the first day of enduring world peace.

Why? Well, September 21st is already the United Nations World Day of Peace. So, there is momentum there. The year 2056 is far enough in the future for us to impact future generations who will make new choices. This will be done. It will simply take time.

War will forever cease September 21, 2056 because we decide it is so. This gives us nearly four decades to change our minds about the necessity of war. It gives us more than forty years to educate our children around the world and their children so that enough people believe.

That’s all it takes–BELIEF.

“I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one.
– John Lennon


United States & 62 Other Countries Agree to End War!

No, this is NOT an imaginary headline from some idyllic future.  It’s news of an international pact signed nearly a century ago.   In 1914, a string of worldwide political alliances snapped ensnaring humanity in World War I. Before the guns were silenced, there were 37 million casualties.

In 1928, the world finally awakened from the collective pain and insanity of “The Great War.”  Leaders came together to create The GENERAL TREATY FOR RENUNCIATION OF WAR AS AN INSTRUMENT OF NATIONAL POLICY.  Ultimately, 62 nations agreed,

“[Not to use war to resolve] disputes or conflicts of whatever nature or of whatever origin they may be.”

Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I object to violence because…  Read more>>