“What is World Peace 092156?”

World Peace 092156 is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization based in the United States in the state of Missouri.

Our purpose is: To inspire a critical mass of people to believe that
as of September 21, 2056 war will cease forever.

Our Vision is: We see this unified global belief creating the opportunities
and circumstances through which human beings resolve their differences peacefully.


“Why is it so important to believe that war will end?”

It is our belief that “war is a necessary evil” that perpetuates the evil of war. When we no longer believe that war is an acceptable option, we will discover and begin to employ peaceful solutions.

It is our collective belief that war is an acceptable that keeps people killing one another.

“What the heck is, ‘belief,’ anyway?”

The dictionary defines “belief” as, “something a person has decided to be true.” Everything you believe is just something you have decided to be true. Your ethical beliefs, spiritual beliefs, political beliefs—all are the results of things you have told yourself are true.

Over the coming years, people of our world will decide the truth that peaceful resolutions are the only enduring answers to our struggles with one another.

“Won’t it take more than just belief to stop war?”

Sure, there will be changes and transitions. However, without belief first, peace is not possible.

“This is kind of simplistic, don’t you think?”

The desire to stop and prevent war has probably been part of human civilization since the first group of people gathered to attack another.

Thus far, nothing has worked. Attempts to dominate one another into submission have failed. Attempts to barter and curry favor have only partially succeeded. And, complex approaches have only ended us in more and deeper conflicts.

Perhaps it’s time for something simple.

“Why September 21, 2056?”

September 21st is the annual United Nations’ International World Day of Peace, so it’s a good place to start. The year 2056 was “plucked from air.”

“Why so far away in the future, then? Why not tomorrow?”

Tomorrow would be wonderful! However, because enduring world peace has never existed, it will take some time for people to believe this possibility as a fact such that it becomes a reality. Over the next four decades, we have time to more deeply believe this ourselves; and, more importantly, we have time to teach those who will assure peace comes to pass—our children and their children.

“What if other people don’t also believe world will end on September 12, 2056?”

How another person chooses to believe is his or her business. This is not about changing someone else. If we, ourselves, just believe, our belief will be more than enough.

“Why promote this idea now?”

Because now is the perfect time. With the growing interconnectivity of our planet, it has never been easier for an idea to catch fire, spread and forever change the world.

“How can I help?”

1. Join the movement! Fill out the form to the right and begin to speak of world peace beginning on September 21, 2056 as a fait accompli.

Get your friends and family involved. Invite anyone and everyone. You’re not asking people to do anything other than believe. I

2. Sponsor a Countdown to World Peace Billboard in Your City.

We’ll help you get started. You raise the money and together we’ll make it happen!

“Where does the money go?”

100% of donations go to purchase billboard ads, Internet advertising and other media to spread the belief that as of September 21, 2056, war will end.